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Moon – The Planet Of Calmness & Emotions

Moon is considered to be the most feminine planet in astrology and it revolves around the earth.  As per astrology, this planet is ruled by Lord Shiva. This planet represents soul, mind & spirit. These people have extreme behavior due to the lunar effect of the planet moon.  People born under the influence of the moon are deep thinkers and intuitive.  This planet represents white color, peace, and calmness. The position of the Moon at the time of birth chart represents the moon sign of an individual. As per astrology planet moon has a very close relationship with our Mother.

Each person faces a different impact of the planet moon in their life. Let’s discuss the favorable & unfavorable impact of the planet moon in our lives.

People born under the favorable impact of the planet Moon.

  • People enjoy the comfort of their own property.
  • People are calm and take decisions after analyzing everything.
  • These people are spiritually bent and are not selfless.
  • They are helping in nature and can do very well in professions such as music, advocacy & public speaking.

We discussed the favorable impacts of the planet Moon let’s check the other side of the coin now.

 People born under the unfavorable impact of the planet Moon.

  • People are not able to take benefit of their own property.
  • These people are restless and their mind keeps on running here and there.
  •  Their mother has to face a lot of problems in their life.
  • They always look for the support of others.
  • They have a suspicious nature and have a disturbed married life.
  • They may face health problems such as cold, cough, watery eyes & stomach related problems.

We just discussed favorable & unfavorable aspects of the planet moon, let's discuss favorable gemstone, colors, metals & other aspects of the planet Moon.

 Favorable Gemstone

Pearl (or Succha Moti in Hindi) is to be considered as a favorable gemstone for the planet Moon.  Pearl is considered to be a semi-precious gemstone and should be worn on Monday after getting it energized.

Favorable Colour

White or Bright Yellow color is favorable for the people born under the unfavorable position of the planet moon in the birth chart. A person can use these colors in their routine life or can keep a white or bright yellow cloth in their pocket.


Favorable Metals

Silver is the most auspicious metal after Gold and it is considered to be associated with the planet Moon. It keeps you calm and reduces the ill effect of the planet moon.


Numerology Aspect On Planet Moon

People born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 are influenced by the planet Moon.  These people majorly face emotional imbalances and are intuitive in nature. Spirituality & selflessness can make them leaders.


If you are facing problems in your life, for best results get your birth chart analyzed and perform the remedies accordingly.