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Saturn - You Reap What You Sow

Saturn - You Reap What You Sow

Saturn – a most controversial & hyped planet among the people who believe in astrology. People often offer prayers, light lamp and donate oil on Saturday to get rid of the evil effect of the lord Saturn. But in Astrology, It is said that Saturn is a planet which reflects back us our karmas. In common words, If we perform good karmas – Saturn provides us good results and vice-a-versa.  As per Vedic scriptures, Saturn is said to be the son of the planet Sun or Surya Dev. Saturn also denotes darkness and its speed is very low, It also creates a delay in work if placed in an unfavorable position in your birth chart. As each planet have its favorable and unfavorable impacts on human life, let’s discuss about Saturn further.


The favorable impact of the planet Saturn

  •   Saturn makes a person clever enough to get things done quickly.
  •   These people do not satisfy themselves below perfection.
  •   These people acquire good wealth.
  •  They do not face any hurdles in their life, everything moves in its own pace and the person lives a happy & prosperous life.

The unfavorable impact of the planet Saturn

  •        Delay in each work & hard work is well reflected by the unfavorable impact of the Saturn.
  •        Facing problems in constructing a home.
  •        People going under the bad influence or getting into addiction.
  •     Getting into unnecessary court cases & facing allegations.


Are you facing these problems? If yes, be sure to perform the healing remedies as things may go worse. It’s very well said Saturn can turn a king into beggar & Beggar into a king.


Remedies for the ill effect of the planet Saturn

  •         You should perform good karmas and help poor people especially in medical help.
  •          Have good relations with people working under you.
  •          Offer wheat flour to ants each day.
  •          Worship Lord Hanuman.

These are some common remedies to perform if you are under the influence of unfavorable Saturn. In case things have gone worse. You should surely consult an astrologer and perform the remedies accordingly to ensure your personal & professional wellbeing.